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One of the most famous area for Japanese tea product.

Tea culture and the old‐time fifty‐three stages on the Tokaido highway.

Make yourself at home in this historical and relaxing Satoyama area

Living only for staying guests

​"Hari no Ma"

Basking in the sun at veranda

Bed room - one each - 
"Take no Ma"(Western style
"Cha no Ma"(Japanese style)
View of bamboo grove
"Take no Ma"(11 m2 / up to 3 people)
View of Tea plantation
"Cha no Ma"(11 m/ up to 3 people)
Towel(bath, face)/ tooth blush set / shampoo / rinse / body soap / Hairdryer (shared) / TV(2F Living room)/ Wi-Fi / Air conditioner (guest room) / Iron(shared)/ Washing machine(shared)/ Refrigerator(shared)
Bath / Goemon-buro (old Japanese bath style)
Goemon-buro with flavor of Japanese cypress
※Not heated on direct fire
Hot water from tap is used
※Please kindly note that the host will also use the bath room
 Beginning of May 2017, the season of tea sprout, we started to renovate the 67 years old Japanese house which used to be a house for tea farmer. It has taken half a year for a local craftsman and us to finish the renovation. Please also find our work that we made if you could visit us.


Following the guidance by a local craftsman, we did whitewash the wall!

Think it's good enough for amateur work!!







体験型古民家宿 旅ノ舎 tabinoya



​【静岡県知事登録旅行業 地域-7号】

  旅行業務取扱管理者 山田幸一

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