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Great seasonal activities which you can never find in Japan except Shizuoka are waiting for you!

 【Spring 2018 Hiking tour around Awagatake foothills】

From 21th March to 31 May, the season of cherry blossom and tender green, new tea leaves sprout again!

We organized a lot of activities in this the most beautiful season of year!

 【Autumn 2018 

Hiking tour around Awagatake foothills 】

From 21th September to 30th November, enjoy autumn of Kakegawa with colored mountains. A lot of activities and plans such as Veranda Cafe, tea harvesting, chestnuts/ginkgo nuts/shiitake mushrooms hunting are waiting for you.

 Just relax in Japanese tranquil autumn.

体験型古民家宿 旅ノ舎 tabinoya



​【静岡県知事登録旅行業 地域-7号】

  旅行業務取扱管理者 山田幸一

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